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Everyone has his or her collecting hobbies, and we are here to help you with yours. We have a large collection of vintage toys in Pensacola, FL that are perfect for every toy collector. We sell items from every era: 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s toys. Whatever you’re looking for to add to your collection, our employees will help narrow down your search in our shop.

For pop culture collectors, we have an abundance of specific media memorabilia. We have Power Rangers action figures, GI Joes, Star Wars toys, and even a variety of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles themed items. Our merchandise includes themed Lego toy sets, such as the popular Harry Potter and Halo series Lego kits. We also have video game themed items, for all the Pokémon, Mario, and Zelda collectors out there.

We have many fun items for children as well. There are zombie toys to complement our issues of The Walking Dead. We provide updated issues of Marvel, DC, and Image comics every week. Whether you’re a comic collector, a veteran reader, or you’re looking for something different, our staff will help you find the comic you’re looking for. We can also recommend great introductory comics for parents looking to introduce their favorite superheroes to their children.

Marty’s Video Games & Vintage Toys has items that are great for collectors or for parents looking for a fun gift for their child. Our vintage toys include pop culture memorabilia that everyone enjoys, and we have a variety of great comics. Visit our shop to purchase quality vintage toys and comics.